Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness

Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness

About the Author SIMON MOSS (PhD Monash) is an adjust Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Monash University in Melbourne. He is also a registered psychologist. He lectures in psychology, research design & method, and statistics & data analysis, and supervises students in leadership, emotions, integrity, personnel selection, and data analysis. His primary research interest relates to the factors that promote honest, ethical, cooperative and dedicated behaviour in the workplace. Specifically, he is interested in the misconceptions of individuals that compromise wellbeing and performance. Simon has published scientific papers in a broad range of disciplines, including creativity and problem solving, attention and concentration, facial expressions, psychological disorders, risk and safety, and stress management. He is also co-founder and director of Zenith Professional Development, offering a revolutionary system of management assessment and training.Christopher Shen is a psychologist who has a passion for developing high performance solutions in the workplace. He offers executive coaching, leadership development programs and team building workshops to foster talent. He also teaches organisations to identify and nurture high achievers in their workplace by conducting emerging leaders’ programs and facilitating talent identification practices. Training is also conducted to help leaders and managers better perform in their jobs and develop their leadership skills and behaviours, as well as facilitate their operational and strategic vision and planning. Christopher also provides psychology services and employee assistance programs to individuals to help with support and assistance in difficult times. Read more

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