Three Breaths and Begin: A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom

Three Breaths and Begin: A Guide to Meditation in the Classroom

Review “In our fractured world, helping students find tools for peace, clarity, and compassion may be the greatest gift any educator could hope for. William Meyer offers a clear road map of realistic, accessible, and down-to-earth tools that can change young lives. Not only does Three Breaths and Begin provide clear guidelines for making meditation work in diverse classroom situations, it gets extra credit for its many stories, all shared with an engaging sense of authenticity, humility, and humor.” — Donald Altman, former monk, teacher, and author of Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now and One-Minute Mindfulness “With engaging stories and heartfelt guidance, Three Breaths and Begin is a great resource for teachers who are considering bringing meditation into their classrooms. William Meyer demonstrates how silence can help young minds blossom.” — Rick Heller, author of Secular Meditation: 32 Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion, and Joy Three Breaths and Begin is a truly unique guide to integrating meditation into every aspect of modern school life: taking tests, giving speeches, playing sports, going on field trips, and, when tragedy strikes, bringing healing to the entire community. . . . The wealth of inspiring stories from the classroom and the practical, down-to-earth specifics make this guide a worthy treasure.” — Linda Graham, MFT, author of Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster “If you have ever wondered (even for a moment) if mindfulness practice has a place in the classroom, this is a must-read. And for anyone who craves a little beauty and hope in this ever-spinning world, pick up Three Breaths and Begin and enjoy!” — Jennifer Rosenzweig, English teacher and chair of the Student Wellness Committee at Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale, New York “Three Breaths and Begin is an invaluable resource for teachers, school psychologists, social workers, and guidance counselors to implement mindfulness in the classroom. As a school psychologist, I really appreciate how easy it is to pick up this book and incorporate the techniques. . . . I highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering implementing mindfulness in a school or group setting.” — Dr. Minu Thomas, elementary school psychologist at the Bronxville School, Bronxville, New York Read more About the Author William Meyer has taught history, economics, and humanities in urban and suburban high schools, where he has also led meditation in a variety of forms. He works with other educators to incorporate meditation into the classroom. He holds an MA in education from Harvard and is finishing his PhD at NYU. Read more

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