This Time: Making The Most Of Another Chance

This Time: Making The Most Of Another Chance

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This Time: Making The Most Of Another Chance

Review Time is one of the most valuable commodities that we possess as human beings. Once we waste it by making poor decisions and taking wrong turns in life, we often carry that guilt for a long time. However, in his book, This Time: Making The Most Of Another Chance , Fred T. Williams pen is used like a ray of sunshine piercing through the dark clouds as it encourages the reader to embrace another chance. In this book, you will be challenged to not only examine yourself, but also to confront yourself so that you can break the cycle of bad decisions which are caused by faulty and distorted thinking patterns and mindsets. The author poignantly uses examples from his own life, as well as Biblical examples, to empower the reader to turn bad decisions into learning opportunities. After reading this literary work, you too will be inspired to pick yourself back up after a fall, and seize every opportunity that has been afforded to you by the grace of God to redeem lost time and make the most of another chance. –Joshua P. Smith, M.A., P.C.M.H.T. / Board Certified Psychotherapist, Founder and Lead Pastor of House of HealingThe author, Fred T. Williams, does a marvelous job of using language to convey some extremely relevant spiritual truths and biblical principles. His transparent and opened book approach makes him highly relateable to any reader. We all need teachers who have studied the courses they teach. His sincere intent to transform the thinking of the reader to make positive life altering choices shines through from the first paragraph. He challenges the reader with his own journey and uses his insights into the life of King David to develop an understanding of the kind of heart we must have towards God to make positive changes. The author makes it very clear that there are choices between us and God’s best for us. Our personal responsibility is always factored in to destiny and personal greatness. I firmly believe that reading this book will empower you to make the most of your another chance, THIS TIME. –R. C. Blakes / Empowerment Teacher, AuthorIn every life there comes an ah ha moment. Or as the old folks would say, a come to Jesus moment. Fred presents that moment of reckoning in an honest, powerful, and transparent way. He uses his own story as the foundation to explain the story of David. I do not want to give too much of the book away; but I will say I was left tearful, yet happy. It was a total mix of emotions. This book, like all great books, will cause you to look inwardly as you change outwardly. You will be inspired to be a better you and to have a better life. I urge you to take this journey with Fred. –J. Richard Byrd / Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant Read more About the Author Fred T. Williams is an Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Fred is a rising voice on faith, purposeful living, healthy relationships, love, and brand development. Read more

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