Is God in That Bottle Cap?: A Search for Truth

Is God in That Bottle Cap?: A Search for Truth

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Is God in That Bottle Cap?: A Search for Truth

Review ‘Is God in That Bottle Cap is a great book from a truth-seeker. It is both engaging and inspiring. I would love to see this book in the hands of practitioners of all paths for self-realization.’ –Vijayendra Pratap, Ph.D.,Founder/Director of SKY Foundation, President of the Yoga Research Society, Author (Beginning Yoga, Yoga Vision, Secrets of Hatha Vidya) ‘John Sambalino’s life has had many ‘wake-up’ moments, and he describes these engagingly. I got the sense that John brought forward into this life many talents from the past, and has deepened his relationship with Reality through his earnest commitment to practice and inquiry. A fun ride and informative read.’ –Jeff Cox, retired president of Snow Lion Publications’…a page-turning journey…Sambalino is a gifted storyteller who compellingly shares his spiritual journey to inspire others.  Highly recommended for fans of Ram Dass (Be Here Now) and Paramahansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi).‘  –Blueink Review ‘IS GOD IN THAT BOTTLE CAP is the remarkable description of author John Sambalino’s journey to discover the Ultimate Truth that surrounds us. Sambalino uses his personal experiences, storytelling, parables, and metaphors to encourage us to seek this Truth for ourselves, and he presents a vehicle, meditation, to help carry us towards our goal. Although words can never accurately describe this Ultimate Reality, IS GOD IN THAT BOTTLE CAP is a very readable, enjoyable, and practical sharing of the author’s experiences and insights.’            — Joseph Selm, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and former adjunct professor of clinical psychology at LaSalle University. ‘An open-minded search for meaning that covers much literal and metaphysical ground, Is God in that Bottle Cap? is a compelling and interesting text.’ —Foreword Clarion Reviews   ★★★★ ‘… readers should certainly enjoy this absorbing book. A lively and intensely readable story of one man’s use of a variety of spiritual practices to reveal the nature of reality.’Kirkus Reviews ‘John Sambalino’s unwavering curiosity sparked his passionate life-long search for Truth. Informative, but never preachy, Sambalino strikes the right balance for all who seek to find. His enlightened journey makes for a spirited and inspiring debut book.’           –Marja-Lewis Ryan, Writer/Director (The Four Faced Liar, 6 Balloons)’An engaging combination of autobiography and philosophical treatise. Is God in That Bottle Cap? presents the example of one man’s striving, some of it seemingly haphazard, much of it sincerely aimed at an ultimate goal. By showing himself to be a regular guy gradually growing into this knowledge, Sambalino offers readers hope of success in their own personal journeys.’ –Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ Read more From the Author ‘Having heard me speak about the benefits of meditation and the ‘reality’ of life, many people over the years have said that I should write a book, and for over forty years I had been planning to do just that.  For whatever reason, the time never seemed right and I kept putting it off. At a friend’s urging, I finally sat down to do it. Pulling out a stack of notebooks I had been filling up for decades, I started writing.’        –John D. Sambalino Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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