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Download Infancy and History PDF By:Giorgio AgambenPublished on 1993 by Verso How and why did experience and knowledge become separated? Is it possible to talk of an infancy of experience, a “dumb” experience? For Walter Benjamin, the “poverty of experience” was a characteristic of modernity, originating in the catastrophe of the First World War. For […]

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Download Self-Improvement PDF By:Robert N. JohnsonPublished on 2011-10-06 by Oxford University Press Is there any moral obligation to improve oneself, to foster and develop various capacities in oneself? From a broadly Kantian point of view, Self-Improvement defends the view that there is such an obligation and that it is an obligation that each person owes […]

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Download Politics of Nature PDF By:Bruno LatourPublished on 2009-06-30 by Harvard University Press A major work by one of the more innovative thinkers of our time, Politics of Nature does nothing less than establish the conceptual context for political ecology–transplanting the terms of ecology into more fertile philosophical soil than its proponents have thus far […]

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Download Politics as Usual PDF By:Thomas W. PoggePublished on 2013-04-24 by John Wiley & Sons Worldwide, human lives are rapidly improving. Education, health-care, technology, and political participation are becoming ever more universal, empowering human beings everywhere to enjoy security, economic sufficiency, equal citizenship, and a life in dignity. To be sure, there are some specially […]

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Download Aesthetic Politics PDF By:F. R. AnkersmitPublished on 1996 by Stanford University Press Taking as its point of departure a sharp critique of Rawls’s influential |A Theory of Justice,| this book looks at politics from an aesthetic perspective. This Book was ranked at 32 by Google Books for keyword politics. Book ID of Aesthetic Politics’s […]

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Download Thinking Through Technology PDF By:Carl MitchamPublished on 1994-10-15 by University of Chicago Press This introduction to the philosophy of technology discusses its sources and uses. Tracing the changing meaning of |technology| from ancient times to the modern day, it identifies two important traditions of critical analysis of technology: the engineering approach and the humanities […]

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Download On Law, Morality, and Politics (Second Edition) PDF By:Thomas Aquinas,Richard J. Regan,William P. BaumgarthPublished on 2003-03-07 by Hackett Publishing The second edition retains the selection of texts presented in the first edition but offers them in new translations by Richard J Regan — including that of his Aquinas, Treatise on Law (Hackett, 2000). A […]