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Download Forensic Architecture PDF By:Eyal WeizmanPublished on 2017-04-28 by MIT Press A new form of investigative practice that uses architecture as an optical device to investigate armed conflicts and environmental destruction. In recent years, the group Forensic Architecture began using novel research methods to undertake a series of investigations into human rights abuses. Today, the […]

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Download Simple Justice PDF By:Richard KlugerPublished on 2011-08-24 by Vintage Simple Justice is the definitive history of the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education and the epic struggle for racial equality in this country. Combining intensive research with original interviews with surviving participants, Richard Kluger provides the fullest possible view of the human and […]

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Download Routledge Handbook of Medical Law and Ethics PDF By:Yann Joly,Bartha Maria KnoppersPublished on 2014-09-19 by Routledge This book explores the scope, application and role of medical law, regulatory norms and ethics, and addresses key challenges introduced by contemporary advances in biomedical research and healthcare. While mindful of national developments, the handbook supports a global […]

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Download The Politics of the Police PDF By:Robert ReinerPublished on 2010-03-04 by Oxford University Press This fourth edition of Robert Reiner’s popular and highly-acclaimed text contains substantial revisions, to take into account the recent and profound changes in the law, policy and organisation of policing. This Book was ranked at 9 by Google Books for […]