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Download Media & Minorities PDF By:Stephanie Greco LarsonPublished on 2006 by Rowman & Littlefield Media & Minorities looks at the media’s racial tendencies with an eye to identifying the |system supportive| messages conveyed and offering challenges to them. The book covers all major media–including television, film, newspapers, radio, magazines, and the Internet–and systematically analyzes their […]

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Download Dialogue in Politics PDF By:Lawrence N. Berlin,Anita FetzerPublished on 2012 by John Benjamins Publishing The volume considers politics as cooperative group action and takes the position that forms of government can be posited on a continuum with endpoints where governance is shared, and where hegemony dictates, ranging from politics as interaction to politics as […]

Download Persuasion in Self-improvement Books PDF

Download Persuasion in Self-improvement Books PDF By:Jeremy KoayPublished on 2019-02-25 by Springer This book investigates how persuasion relates to values in self-improvement literature, revealing the discursive practices used to persuade and engage their readers, and construct a credible persona. The author adopts a corpus-driven approach that encompasses an examination of genre analysis and linguistic features […]