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Download Gerrit Rietveld PDF By:Willemijn Zwikstra,Marc van den EerenbeemtPublished on 2018-12 by |Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) is perhaps Holland’s best-known architect. His Schröder House in Utrecht from 1924 has achieved iconic status. In fact, Rietveld built around 100 houses, and of these very little is known. Photographer Arjan Bronkhorst (b. 1972), who established his credentials in […]

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Download GA Book: Earlier modern architecture PDF By:Yukio FutagawaPublished on 1981 by This Book was ranked at 2 by Google Books for keyword modern architecture books. Book ID of GA Book: Earlier modern architecture’s Books is t759yAEACAAJ, Book which was written byYukio Futagawahave ETAG “Rc/qap7fWEo” Book which was published by since 1981 have ISBNs, ISBN […]

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Download Timeless PDF By:Patrick AhearnPublished on 2017-11 by Oro Editions |Timeless reveals how Patrick Ahearn’s historically motivated, human-scaled designs have advanced the art of place-making in some of America’s most affluent and storied destinations. Whether carefully restoring century-old landmarked townhouses in Boston’s Back Bay or creating new homes that reimagine the local vernacular of Martha’s […]