Breathe To Succeed: Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness

Breathe To Succeed: Increase Workplace Productivity, Creativity, and Clarity through the Power of Mindfulness

Review ‘Simple, yet profound. Sandy’s light approach to breath, mindfulness and well-being, reminds us all that the best and most impactful attributes and resources come from within and reconnecting to oneself. A must read for self-improvement and maximizing overall efficiency and productivity while remaining happy, calm and joyful!’ —Leon Pellicer, Google, Program Manager (Leon Pellicer)“Breathe to Succeed is an excellent prescription for any aspiring or current leader. Sandy Abrams’ new book offers valuable insights into addressing the hectic schedule and constant stress of everyone from an employee to the CEO. By understanding the causes and effects of stress on the human body, Sandy offers tools of the mind and breath to find your way through the storm and achieve optimal health.” —Mark T. Bertolini, former Chairman & CEO at Aetna (Mark T. Bertolini)“Science has validated the power of breathing and mindfulness to enhance our well-being. Sandy Abrams’ advice is a simple but incredibly effective way to make mindfulness a part of your life and help you thrive in our always-on world.’ —Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global (Arianna Huffington)“In today’s 24/7 digital world, where we face more stress and distraction than ever before, Sandy Abrams’ breathing techniques are immediately actionable ways to remain focused and calm. They help me to perform at work especially in intense situations, which has a positive effect on the colleagues around me.” —Nick Goode, Executive Vice President, Product Marketing, Sage (Nick Goode)“Our breath…it’s free and always with us, no matter the situation. Backed by research and compelling real-life stories, Breathe to Succeed teaches us how to harness our breath as a powerful resource for well-being, productivity, and performance.” —Jannell MacAulay, PhD, Lt Col, USAF retired, Leadership & Performance Specialist, & Mindfulness Advocate (Jannell MacAulay)“Mindfulness is transforming the business world due to the positive impact it can bring to both individuals and organizations. Breathe to Succeed contributes a range of strategies for individuals to begin to integrate mindfulness into their routines and to use as a tool in everyday life.’ —Emily Winer, Mind Concept Lead, International WELL Building Institute (Emily Winer)“Employee burnout is a real thing; we’ve all heard the stories, read the scientific research to support it, and watched the impact to the bottom line. Sandy’s book provides easy steps on how to incorporate mindfulness and breathing techniques into lives to restore balance within ourselves. As a proud employee of an organization that supports well-being in the workplace, I am honored to recommend this book.” —Dawn Runge, PhD, SPHR & SHRM-SCP, HR Executive Value Advisor, SAP SuccessFactors (Dawn Runge, PhD) Read more About the Author Sandy Abrams is the founder of Moisture Jamzz, the author of Your Idea, Inc., and a contributor on HuffPost and Thrive Global. She credits her entrepreneurial success to her nearly 30 years of yoga and breath practice. She has consulted as a small business thought leader, content curator, and social influencer for brands like Capital One, LegalZoom, Sage software, and Marriott. Sandy also leads Breathe Like a Boss! and C.E.’Om workshops to share the power of breath for success. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Read more

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