Blissfully Blended Bullshit: The Uncomfortable Truth of Blending Families

Blissfully Blended Bullshit: The Uncomfortable Truth of Blending Families

Review With her fearless voice, Rebecca Eckler takes us on her soul-baring journey of blending families, navigating the laugh-out-loud moments and heartbreaking realities with her trademark unapologetic honesty. (Samantha Bailey, author of Woman On The Edge)A touching and telling modern love story between husband and wife and mother and daughter and the balance of all the relationships in between. Eckler weaves her story of vulnerability and painful truths to reveal the unfiltered reality of blending families. With her raw sense of honesty and self-awareness, Rebecca Eckler provides an invaluable human approach. This is a valuable and eye-opening read for anyone contemplating a life of blended and splendid. (Daniella English, Founder of totally entertaining and relatable read by Rebecca Eckler. As a blended family survivor, I had a visceral reaction to so many of the anecdotes. It is real and it is uncomfortable. This book is a must read for anyone considering (or living through) blending worlds. (Joanna Track, Founder and Executive Publisher, Read more About the Author Rebecca Eckler is a journalist, columnist, blogger, and bestselling author of nine books, including Knocked Up: Confessions of a Modern Mother-to-be. Eckler is also the executive editor of, Canada’s largest parenting website. She lives in Toronto. Read more

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